At Twin Spirits, our doors are not sold ‘off the shelf’ — they are unique to each client. This means that our clients are an integral part of our creative process. We assist them in exploring our online guide to the cross-cultural symbolism of the creatures of the Northwest coast. This will help them to find connections that resonate with them and that best express their own stories.

We begin with a collaborative interview that allows us to formulate and confirm the client’s story. After an onsite visit to ascertain the physical setting of the door, we will agree on the design specifications. We then prepare a scale drawing(s) to give the story the form that it will take on as a carved door.

Whether red or yellow cedar is chosen, the wood will be prepared to proper dimensions and the selected design applied. This is followed by the process of transformation that brings the client’s story to life in the three-dimensional form of the door. Our goal is to ensure that once a client’s story has been ‘told’ into a door, it will thereafter speak that story with eloquence to all who may pass through it.

Although Twin Spirits was created to carve doors, as our artworks gallery reflects, we are also open to any opportunity to give expression to all stories that can be shared in the medium of carved wood. For example, you may also be interested in:

  • wall panels
  • house posts
  • masks, bowls or rattles
  • tabletops

No matter what artistic complexities the storytelling demands set for us, we invite your interest and access during the creative process.